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Sweets and puddings

Luxury Bread & Butter Pudding

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Judith Long
I first made this many years ago when I had stale croissants and spare cream leftover after Christmas. It has become a favourite and I have given some of the many variations I have tried depending on what I had available. Make it early in the day (or even the day before), leave it soaking in the fridge then pop it in the over as you sit down to your main course.
Quantities don’t matter, make as much as you think you will need for the number you are feeding.


  • Croissants or brioche (these already have lots of butter in them so no need to butter them)
  • Marmalade, mincemeat or good jam (not too sweet plum works well)
  • Milk or milk and cream mixed
  • Eggs – 1 to each 300ml of milk/cream
  • A little sugar to sprinkle on the top
Cooking time: 30-40 minutes  Cooking temperature: Gas 4   180°C


1. Slice croissants in half or slice brioche about 1 ½ cms.
2. Spread with mincemeat, marmalade or jam. Reform croissants or make sandwiches of the brioche.
3. Lay whole croissants in an ovenproof dish, cut sandwiches in half and do the same.  Tilt them like tiles on a roof.
4. Beat the eggs then add the milk/cream and whisk together. You need enough of this custard so the bread just appears above it.
5. Pour the custard onto the pudding, cover with clingfilm and leave to soak in the fridge as long as you can.
6. Heat the oven, sprinkle the top with sugar and bake for 30-40 minutes until the custard is set and the top is golden and crisp.


  • I don’t like puddings too sweet so you may want to sprinkle more sugar over the pudding before you add the custard.
  • Try making with hot cross buns or fruit bread and marmalade.
  • For children (big or small) use chocolate spread or heat the milk with plain chocolate before adding to the eggs. You could add chopped chocolate as well!
  • Of course you can make this with ordinary bread or French stick, buttered and sprinkled with dried fruit.