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The New Forest Marque’s message is being passed on to future generations through our work with local schools and youth organisations. 

An educational highlight of the year came as over 300 pupils took part in the first New Forest Schools Day at New Park, Brockenhurst.  The event was organised by Hampshire Country Learning and pupils enjoyed learning about what happens in the New Forest throughout the year and what makes it such a special and unique place. 

Activities included:

  • making wattle fences
  • coppicing
  • blind taste testing local produce.
The event was hugely beneficial for the children as they learnt about the special qualities and produce grown within the New Forest and the importance of seasonality.

We have also worked with secondary Schools, such as Trafalgar School in Downton, during their sustainability day, where we talked about the Marque during their assembly and then assisted with the rest of the day as pupils where given the task of designing a sustainable restaurant in the New Forest that used local produce.

The New Forest Marque has also worked with pupils from Ringwood School on two exciting competitions organised by Love British Food: 'Cook for the Queen', designing a canapé menu for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the ‘Harvest Lottery for Schools’, a competition requiring schools to fill a box with their best local produce, which was then presented to the Duchess of Cornwall, during a Harvest Festival at Westminster Abbey.

We enjoy teaching the next generation about the importance of local produce, and also how to explore career opportunities in the relevant industries.

If you would like to arrange a visit for your school, please email us or call 01590 646648.